Arthur-ritis…He’s a Pain

After weeks and weeks of boredom, I finally received the go ahead to type with my right hand as long as I don’t use my thumb on the space bar. So I am ready to resume my blog with vigor.

I thought I would start by giving you a bit of information on the surgery that I had. My surgeon called it a trapeziectomy arthroplasty with suture suspension and carpal tunnel release. That’s short for taking out the offending bone that’s causing pain and making that carpal tunnel at the base of the wrist opening bigger so the nerves don’t get pinched.

See that red nasty guy at the base of the thumb grinding away at the nice little bone above him? Yeah, that’s the bugger. He was removed and a cute suspension bridge was made out of suture and muscle to keep the sore little bone in place. Easy peasy. No more pain. In two weeks I finally get out of this hand cast, and then I can start work on regaining strength and flexibility in my thumb.

It really hasn’t been too bad. The hardest part has been learning to do everything with my left hand. My oldest son and several other family members are left handed. What I don’t understand is why you lefties haven’t taken to the streets? Talk about prejudice! Everything is geared towards right-handed people. Door handles. Toilet handles. Check out lanes. Cars. Faucets. Appliances. Toys. Electronics. Sports items. Artist tools. Every. Dam. Thing. No wonder left handed people are more successful in life than their right- handed counterparts. They must adapt every aspect of their life to a right handed world. Did you know five of our last eight presidents were left -handed? But I digress.

I plan on getting back to blogs on aging and grand parenting from a distance as well as anything else that pops into my head. Pretty dangerous, that. If you have any topics you want covered, just drop me a note!

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