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When was the last time you received a hand written letter in the mail?  If you’re under thirty I’m guessing the answer may be never.  And let’s face it, in this age of Twitter, emails, and text messages, not to mention the rarely used telephone, hand written letters are an anachronism.  No one has time for that nonsense.  Few people even have the time to answer an email.  Texts are commonly answered by emojis because typing a response takes too long.  And that is precisely why we need to bring back the art of letter writing. Every level of letter writing requires time, our time, which has become the greatest commodity in our culture today.

For most of us, finding the time to sit down and write presents the greatest challenge.  This requires us to prioritize the one we will be focusing on when we write. With our pen and paper we are saying you matter to me, I want you in my life, you are loved.  Writing a letter is intentional, mindful.  As we communicate our thoughts and dreams, our feelings and lives, we share a part of ourselves and send it along in the envelope.

When the envelope is received, eyes light up with joy. Your beloved pauses. Perhaps the envelope is opened instantly, or perhaps it is saved for later. In either case, your words will be savored. You will be with them in that moment. All you have sent them flows into the mind, the heart, and finally the soul.  You have given not only yourself, but also a beautiful timeless respite from the world. Think about that. Time, that precious asset has stood still. For of course, that is how love works.

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Love Happens Here

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