That’s me on the left, having the time of my life, riding at dusk on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. One of those peak experiences in life when everything comes together in one miraculous moment.  Like when your children are born.  Three times for me.  All grown up now. And again when that first grandchild is put in your arms.  I missed that moment by two days.  My daughter and her husband lived in Portsmouth, England at the time, and my husband and I timed our trip very carefully.  But you know  first babies, they follow their own time schedule, so it was quite a few months later when I finally  had a chance to hold her in my arms.  I know first hand, from the first grandchild, how difficult it is to grandparent from a distance.  

When my daughter and her husband returned to the states, they sort of boomeranged right over Pennsylvania, and landed in Los Angeles, where my second granddaughter was born.  I am blessed to be able to visit several times a year, but the distance is not what I envisioned when I dreamed about grandchildren.

Most days will find me spending time with my husband of 38 years enjoying our very rural life in southwestern Pennsylvania.  

Riding horses on the Outer Banks with my sister, one of those peak experiences!

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